5 Powerful Benefits Of A Smile In Business

5 Powerful Benefits Of A Smile In Business

You simply cannot overestimate the importance of a smile in business. It costs you absolutely nothing, it’s effortless and most importantly, it can make a deep impact on the health of your business.

When we are greeted by fellow people with a smile we feel acknowledged, invited, appreciated, and left feeling quite pleased and positive.

In other words, the more the business owner smiles, the better the clients feel in return. The better they feel, the longer they continue being loyal customers.

5 Powerful Benefits Of A Smile In Business

  1. It Represents Your Attitude. Smiling tells our story far beyond first impressions. It is that personal touch that extends our customer service promise and reflects the passion we have for our product. Smiling, in essence, says that we want and choose to be here serving our clients. It says that we are ready, willing and able to go the extra mile.
  2. It Represents Your Mindset. Smiling is as much a reflection of your organization as it is an endorsement of your organization’s promise to the client. It helps to form the client’s first impression, which is a direct indication of a pledge to offer a satisfactory product or service.
  3. Improves Mood. Just a simple smile can boost your mood when you’re feeling low. This is extremely beneficial for those struggling daily with anxiety, stress or depression. Even when alone, smiling to yourself can convince the brain that everything is, in fact, good and there’s nothing to worry about. Feel good neurotransmitters are released when we smile and they can help relax you, make you feel better emotionally, and can also lower your heart rate and blood pressure! So, imagine what it convinces the people around you during an all-important business meeting or presentation.
  4. It Creates A Positive Environment. When you smile, your brain is attentive to the activity and even keeps track of it. When you smile often enough, you can actually end up rewiring your brain to make positive patterns and then in return, create a positive environment around you. A more positive environment can triumph over many obstacles or complications that can occur during a business transaction.
  5. It Changes The Way You Sound. Even when you’re speaking on the phone and are aware that the other person that you are speaking to has no way of knowing whether you’re smiling or not, a smile can still affect the conversation. The reason behind this is that when you smile, you reflect a positive attitude subconsciously and while customers may not see your face, they can listen and be influenced by your tone.

The Takeaway

When you smile, it clearly says to the person that you’re talking with that you’re happy to see them, that they’re welcome in your business, and you want and enjoy them in your business. Our smile can be a competitive edge.

A smile truly increases your confidence level, leaves good first impressions, and subconsciously will also improve your mood. A smile costs nothing and you have nothing to lose from it so what’s not to like?