6 Tips To Increase Gym Memberships

Increase Gym Memberships

In this blog, podcast and video 6 Tips For Gyms To Increase Members, Brad Smith shares his insights on how to increase your gym memberships. We’ve worked with hundreds of gyms throughout the world and the owners who take a personalized, caring and empathetic approach are the most successful.

Unique Offer

Long gone are the days when boutique gyms, spin, and crossfit boxes can offer a 1 day or even 7 day pass. That was invented 15 years ago and is no longer a unique offer.

A unique offer grabs the attention of your local community, is enticing, sounds fun, and gets people thru your door where you have a chance to employ solution based sales.

Solution Based Message

When a potential lead visits your website or visits your gym they don’t want to know how great you are. They need to know that you understand exactly what they’re experiencing. Ask questions, listen and be empathetic to their needs and goals.

Risk Free First Time Deal

Getting a new member in your doors is one of the hardest things. Make it easy for a customer to join, risk free, comfortable and simple to get on your schedule. We all know it’s easier to get a sign-up after you meet the customer face to face.

Build A Relationship Within The Deal

Now that you have the client in your doors, start building a strong relationship. Let them experience your gym, build relationship with the owner and then you can offer your top product.


During the first 30 days you must make sure you follow-up. If the customer hasn’t signed up you need to continue following up until they give you a yes or no answer. You must also follow up even if they enter your doors. Ask how they like your gym, if they have questions and to follow you on social media.


Add every new user to your community, whether that’s a Facebook page, e-mail list or monthly events you host. Once a potential lead feels comfortable and part of your community they’ll be customers for life.

The Gym Membership Insights

It’s all about your customer, not you as the owner! Be sure to show empathy, focus on their needs and make the entire on-boarding experience about their needs and goals. We worked with a gym that had over 1,000 new leads they never followed up with. Continue following up until the clients gives you a firm yes or no answer.