Meet The AutomationLinks Team!

The History Behind Our International Company


usband and wife, parents, entrepreneurs, coffee lovers, hockey fans and beach office spaces… With two kids life is commonly pretty crazy.

We realized we were working inefficiently when we would spend hours on setting up software, meeting every new lead and toggling back and forth between different programs all for one client.

We needed a way to easily communicate with our clients, make it easy for them to reach out and make life easier for every business owner.

The Right People To Help You Succeed

Unlike other software companies, we are solely focused on building trusted relationships with website owners.

Brad Smith

CEO & Founder

Danielle Smith

Founder – Manager

Emma Keifer

Website Designer

Aimee Peake

Content Manager

Brendan Lidster

Operations Manager

Emily Forrest

Digital Media Portfolio Manager

Danielle Howe

Finance Manager

James Nicholson

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant & Performance Innovation Engineer

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