Amazon Has 100 Million Prime Members By Brad Smith

Amazon Prime Member

In this video Brad Smith talks about the news that Amazon has over 100 million prime members. Each member paying up to $100 per year shows that Amazon has one of the best business models in the world.

1. High Standards

Use this technique for your business and you’ll see amazing success. Amazon has high standards for their employee’s, management and customer service.

2. Stay Ahead Of Expectations

By putting your customers first you’ll always meet their expectations. You’ll also be prepared for when new customers contact you which will make a great impression.

3. Be First To Market

By being one of the first businesses to advertise on Google Ads they were able to grow a huge database for the least amount of advertising budget. If you’re just thinking about Facebook ads now you’re probably to late. Look for new opportunities to get traffic at the cheapest price.

4. Solve A Problem

Convenience and price are what consumers look for. Make your product easy to use and solve a problem your potential client has and you’ll see success. We make AutomationLinks easy to setup and it will increase website conversions.

5. Easy Signup

Make it easy for your website visitors to sign-up and pay you. When someone is ready to purchase your product draw a map, show them where to go and make it easy to pay. We use a simple checkout page with a live chat to simplify your purchasing on our site.

6. Customer Service

Amazon makes it super easy to call, e-mail and return a product. We’ve found that the easier you make it for someone to get ahold of a business owner the less likely they’re to cancel their order.

The Amazon Prime Takeaway

I want to encourage you to always look for ways to better your business. Think of how you can benefit your current customers needs. If you put your customer first and think of what will benefit them you’ll be successful.

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