Are all employers required to e-File with the IRS?

We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complexity of ACA and employee eligibility reporting. Below you will find information regarding whether or not all employers are required to e-File with the IRS.

Areallemployersrequiredtoe FilewiththeIRS

What we’ll cover in this blog and article by are:

  1. Tax Forms You Can E-File
  2. For Filing and Paying Employment Taxes
  3. Which Employers need to e-file with IRS?
  4. What to do if you’re an employer

If you are an employer and you need professional help regarding filing forms via the e-File system then Who’s Where is the perfect solution for you. We specialize in providing innovative software solutions for ACA Reporting and Payroll Data Aggregation. This simplifies ACA Tracking and IRS Reporting while aggregating employee data from various payroll systems.