Automation Tools for your Website

Automation Tools for your Website – Every successful businessman knows the importance of marketing for their business. As customers keep evolving, so are the market trends. Hence, you need to spend more time in staying updated regarding the latest market trends and build your marketing strategies around them. But if you will be spending most of your time on marketing then what about the other aspects of your business? That is a valid concern. For this, marketing experts recommend that you automate your marketing process. Using automation tools for your digital marketing will make your job a lot easier hence you will be able to focus on other pressing matters.


Here is a list of automation tools which you should use for your website,

1. AdRoll

It is an amazing tool for retargeting your potential customers based on prior engagement on Twitter, Facebook, and other relevant websites.

AdRoll has flexible segmentation along with cross-platform and cross-device retargeting capabilities. This will help you in providing a customized experience for each individual potential customer. This will exponentially increase the efficiency of your marketing strategy.

AdRoll has features like transparent analytics, dynamic LiquidAds, and expert conversion reporting. AdRoll also enables you to customize your budget hence giving you full control over the amount being spent on your ads.

2. Dialog Tech

It is a great tool for marketing automation based on voice. So you can increase your ROI with call analytics and automation.

Dialog Tech has a variety of modules available for optimizing voice interactions. It works by measuring the present success rate and doing respective adjustments.

Some of Dialog Tech features include phone surveys, reverse lookup, call tracking, conversation analytics, phone surveys, voice broadcasts, in-call scoring, SMS, and geolocation routing. The keyword call tracking feature can prove to be a game changer for voice interactions.

If you go for traditional voice calls then you will have to manually record them for future playbacks. Also, you will have to manually analyze the reaction of your customers upon hearing certain keywords. Using Dialog Tech allows you to automatically track this type of data over the phone.

3. MailChimp

MailChimp offers intelligent email marketing features which you are definitely going to love. It is perfect for contacting potential customers which is an important part of any marketing campaign. If you need an efficient email tool for your website then you must check out MailChimp.

Some features of MailChimp include personalized emails, engagement monitoring, automation of email marketing, behavioral targeting, and automated welcome emails. MailChimp also allows you to set up email responses based on activities like sign-up date and website navigation. MailChimp is a must have if your marketing campaign involves sending out newsletters and digital flyers.

Get started with AutomationLinks

If you want to automate your website but are struggling with using the advanced features of tools like these then you might need professional help. You should consider acquiring the services of AutomationLinks as we specialize in automating the workflow websites. We will help you in generating leads via your website by turning it into an automated sales funnel. Feel free to contact us if you have any further queries.