Blaming Others For Your Marketing Results?

Blaming Others For Your Marketing Results?

Blaming Others For Your Marketing Results

Marketing Results – In this blog, podcast, and video Brad Smith shares his tips on marketing and why hiring someone to do your marketing for you isn’t always the best idea for your business. In our Automation Framework, we explain that we switch the word marketing for relationships. We believe building strong relationships with clients online is the only way to succeed.

Think of the presidential election every four years. There’s a very simple process that happens to help you determine who you will vote for;

  • The elected official is represented from a trusted party (democrat or republican)
  • The potential president builds a relationship with you (social media, commercials, radio, and newspapers)
  • After and only after at least a year of marketing to you, they will ask for your vote.

So the question is, are you building relationships and following up with your potential prospects for months if not years before asking for their paycheck? This is the number one way to succeed, take some initiative and get out there and build your brand!

We all want instant results, and after hearing all the hype online we assume we will get instant results by spending a ton of money with a marketing agency that promises you the world. If you really think about it, is the marketing agency sending you new clients that have heard about your brand for years or are they brand new leads that have never heard of you?

Calls To Action

I see no button to contact you. This is essential and should be visible upfront. Another alternative would be to have an email sign up box with a submit button with text that says “Contact me” or “Let me help you”.

Value Proposition

Provide some information about how your service is different from the numerous other ones out there. The differentiating factor may very well be your price but that isn’t always enough. From my experience in web design, I have learned that clients really appreciate a good copywriter, one who makes their product shine through text and images on the website. If you write well, advertise that. If you design logos, let your prospective clients know. Basically look for that “something extra” you will bring to the table and don’t hesitate in advertising it.

Search Engine Optimization

There is a good chance that prospective clients do not know who you are and aren’t viewing your website at all. This problem can be fixed first by setting up SEO for your website to make sure that when people type “Web developers London” or something of that sorts into Google, your website shows up in the first page. This is essential because let’s face it, no one really looks at a Google search page 2.

Marketing Relationships

This is an extension to the second point and that is, advertise yourself and your value proposition as much as possible and through several mediums. Be it social media or word of mouth. Learn more about social media marketing. It is effective and relatively inexpensive. Target specific companies and startups. When I had started out to build a portfolio, I would send out emails to companies I thought could improve their landing pages. I informed of the benefits of a good landing page and the impact it could have on their company. Try this and you shall be surprised how many companies will respond.

The Marketing Results Takeaway

Remember the entire goal in marketing is to build stronger and better relationships with your customers. Most companies promise a ton of leads, clients, and revenue but don’t tell you how they’re going to help you build a relationship with your leads. Ask the agency not only how many leads you’ll receive but where they will be getting them from, how they’re building the relationship with them and how long they will follow-up until they say yes or no.