Client Communication Survey Results – 3,000+ Business Owners

Client Communication Survey Results – 3,000+ Business Owners

In this blog, video and podcast Brad Smith shares his survey results from over 3,000 business owners about client communication. Are you focused on how YOU want to communicate with your clients or are you allowing them to communicate the way they want to?

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We surveyed over 3,000 business owners and will continue gathering user feedback for this blog so we can update on a regular basis. We’ve been asking you the business owner if you preferred text, call, email or messenger to communicate with your clients.

TOTAL RESULTS – 3,000 Owners Surveyed
1. Text – 24%
2. Call – 7%
3. E-mail – 62%
4. Messenger – 7%

An overwhelming amount of business owner replied back thinking about themselves saying, I PREFER this type of communication with my clients. Now this wasn’t a trick question and we didn’t want to confuse people so we allowed you to be selfish and answer us with what you think works best for YOU.


This is one of our favorite things to focus on with our websites and business owners we work with. Get in the mindset of what your customers want, how you can help them and how they want to reach out to you. When growing my health and fitness business I allowed my clients to text me directly from my website.

When you make it easy for your clients to reach out to you the way they want, you’ll see an increase in conversions and payed clients because you were there for them when they needed you most.

What Do Clients Want?

Ask your customers what they want, how they prefer to communicate and how you can make it easy for them. If the average clients want to message you then make it easy for them to send you a message everywhere.

You can add messenger to your website, connect with ManyChat and always have your notifications turned on so you can respond back ASAP!

Ask Questions

Stay in communication with your clients and build better relationships by asking questions. Now that you’re able to communicate with them easier you can ask insightful questions about what their needs are.

Once you know what your potential lead wants because you asked questions you can easily communicate back and forth about which program would be best for them!


Continued communication is key, use this as a relationship builder so they trust you’ll take care of them. The better relationship you have with your cusotmers the easier it is to up-sell or have them purchase more products from you.

Adding up-sells and other product add-ons can increase your revenue by 30%, do it right and you’ll have your customers on your team.

Always Be There

Once your clients know you’ll always be there for them they’re much more likely to ask you questions, refer their friends and give you testimonials. Customer have questions and if they feel comfortable asking you’ll see an increase in engagement and revenue.

Focus On One

Now there’s many options when it comes to communication, we recommend choosing one primary channel to use for your clients. We use email for ours because we can respond back right away throughout the day. If you can get your clients comfortable with one type of communication you can put your resources towards that to save you time.

The Key Takeaway:

It’s hard not to use what makes you comfortable and what comes easy. Try and realign your entire mindset and put the focus and resources towards what your clients want and what’s easy for them and your business will grow. Please leave a comment on what you think your clients prefer for client communication.

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