Create The Best Pictures For Your Website

Pictures are a very important part about you and for your brand, your website, your social media presence, and just for people to get to know you. Now when it comes to the Internet, you’re not able to meet people face to face. You have to represent your brand through images, videos and text copywriting.

Filming videos are a great way, but if you’re not comfortable on video, we recommend taking great pictures of yourself, of your business and showing potential customers what you have to offer them.

Turn Your Phone Horizontally:

Now, tip number one, make sure you turn your camera or phone horizontally. This is a mistake we see a lot is when somebody turns the phone vertically, it just doesn’t fit well in the website.

The dimensions are off when trying to upload into a website, so make sure it’s turned horizontally, especially if you’re using a phone this way, it fits right into the website nicely. It’s easy for you to crop it and make it look good on any page that you posted on.

Make It Personal:

Tip number two, make it personal. Personal branding is one of the highest performing online strategies, relationship building, showing customers what to expect, not showing stock photos.

Potential customers coming to your business, they don’t want to see fake and stock photos of your business. They want to see who you are, who your customers are, and they want to relate to your brand somehow. Nobody can relate to a stock photo, but they can relate to office photos, a customer photo, or even showing you the owner in the life of your day to day task.

Show What To Expect:

Tip number three, show what they’re going to receive. So this goes along with the personal side of it.

Let’s say during checkout on your e-commerce page, show them what they’re going to get after they check out. You can include a picture of the email that they’re going to receive. You can show them a picture and tell them that they’re going to go to a scheduler after whatever the next actions are that a customer takes on your website. Let them know, don’t keep it a secret.

If we know exactly what to expect on every step of your website, we’re much more likely to continue following through. If you hide it then I’m not sure what to expect and I’m kind of confused on what’s going to happen next, I might not take that action, which could be a sale.

Include Your Clients:

Tip number four, include your clients and reviews, so your clients are your biggest referrals. Any reviews or client stories or whatever your clients are doing with your business, make sure to capture that on photos.

Those photos are going to show a lot. They’re not only going to get their friends and family seeing those photos, but you’re going to get potential customers to relate to those people. If somebody looks like them, it’s taken an action that they want to take with your business.

This method will make your potential customers want to be just like them if that’s what I’m looking for!

The Final Takeaway

Create The Best Pictures For Your Website Blog

So the key takeaway here, make it personal. Turn the phone horizontal and show your customers what they should expect while they’re on your website. This is going to lead to an increase in sign-ups and sales for your business.