Customer Onboarding Email Template

Customer Onboarding Email Template

Customer Onboarding Email Template AL

Customer Onboarding Email Template – In this blog, podcast and video Brad Smith shares his tips for creating an awesome customer onboarding campaign. Use these emails to not only introduce yourself but to also provide value, help, build better relationships and of course ask for the sale!

Welcome Email Template For New Customers

I’ve put together a template checklist you can use for your email onboarding drip funnel. Make sure to separate the days appropriately and not to bombard your client with newsletter style emails. Make them personal, show that you care and continue your relationship building.

Onboarding Email Definition

Onboarding emails are a crucial part of every email campaign. Once a new user signs up, they might or might not trial run your service at all, simply because they’re busy. It’s very important to engage your first time users especially for businesses to gain trust.

The early days when a user has signed up for your product or service, is also the time when they are hoping to hear from you and may have any questions about using your services. Onboarding messages done right can give a little push to get them started without coming across as pushy.

Emails at the right time also helps you to engage your prospects and find value in your product to get them into action. These emails involves a mix of polite pitching & educating your users to start using your product.

Registration Email Template

Customer Onboarding Email Template

Confirmation emails are the first line of official communication that a business has with a client once they have registered. The main aim of these emails is to give a good introduction to the client and they should also give a clear invitation to keep up their interest in the company’s products and services.

Make sure it’s easy for customers to register on your website, landing page and social media pages. You’ll also want to make sure it’s automated and synced with your email marketing software. Nothing is worse than having to manually sync every single client one by one.

Avoid using separate platforms for your form and emails, at AutomationLinks we make sure we help anyone that doesn’t have this set up already. We’ll go in and sync everything for you to make it an automated flow for your customers.

Onboarding Welcome Message

People meet businesses in many different ways — which calls for more than one type of email greeting.

Here’s a rundown of the 5 types of welcome emails:

  1. General product / service: The basic welcome message from a business, app, or website once you sign up for an account.
  2. Newsletter Subscription: A welcome to your marketing world, whether the goal is to nurture leads, build an audience, engage existing customers, or promote sales.
  3. Personal outreach: New signups automatically receive a personal welcome email from someone in the company. This has become a standard email practice for many startups.

    The following 2 types are less common but still important to categorize as welcome emails and treat with the same care.

  4. Free Sample Welcome: Companies often offer free content in exchange for an email address — it’s just as crucial to make a memorable first impression here.
  5. Invitation: When a teammate or group member invites others to a product or service.

When somebody subscribes to your newsletter they expect to receive a welcome email. This email confirms that the subscription was successful and includes the important information necessary.

But there is more. Welcome emails are also beneficial for you.

Welcome emails have the highest conversion potential. A study by Wordstream pointed out that welcome emails generated 320% more revenue on a per email basis than any other types of email. Due to the high open rate and click-through rate, it isn’t a surprising fact.

Building a great email sequence ensures the success of your campaigns and helps the customers make their purchase decisions. This email sequence always starts with a welcome email.

The Onboarding Email Sequence

This is the strategy we use for our company and also in our checklist you can download above.

  1. Welcome email – thank them and introduce yourself.
  2. Follow-up message – use this to remind them to do something or show them where to go next.
  3. Value story – this is your chance to build a stronger relationship and tell your story and how you can help.
  4. Helpful strategy – just like this blog we’re providing valuable tips that can help you with your business for free.
  5. Hint about your product – start hinting which product you think is best for them and why they should use/try it.
  6. Exclusive offer – now that you have a relationship, you’ve helped and followed-up it’s time to tell them which service to sign-up for.
  7. Continue your relationship – a recent study we did proved that an average business could sell ANYTHING they wanted to their potential leads if they emailed them more than 24 times!

Fun Onboarding Emails

Remember that everyone receives newsletter style emails on a daily basis and most of the time they get deleted or ignored. This is your chance to be different and personal.

Write your emails like you would if you were emailing me from your gmail account. Tell jokes, add stories and most importantly think about what your clients want… NOT what you want.

Top Tips – [Really good emails onboarding]

Customer Onboarding Email Template AutomationLinks

Has this ever happened to you? You just find out a great service, and you sign up for a Demo.

You are probably very excited about the product, and you start typing your name, email and phone number on the request form.

Now you push the button “send my data” with the mouse.

Than…nothing happens.

You wait one minute.

One hour.

One day.

Guess what?

You begin to doubt that you have correctly sent your data.

Or maybe you just forget about this product.

Now, do you want your customers to feel like this? Reach out to us anytime, leave a comment or let us know if we can help you set this up properly for your business.

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