Embed SamCart Payment Pages In Your Website

Embed SamCart Payment Pages In Your Website

Embed SamCart Payment Pages In Your Website

Embed SamCart Payment Pages – in this blog, podcast, and video Brad Smith shares his tips on how to embed your Samcart payment page into your website using a simple line of HTML code.

We’ve been using Samcart for the last 2 years and absolutely love all its features. We use it to sell our website services, automation plans, and even our SaaS software.

Samcart Embed code

As a growing business, we always have to make quick changes to our pricing, add coupons and are always adding new testimonials to our checkout pages. Samcart allows us to accomplish this in just a couple minutes.

Not only that, our customers rave about how easy it is to check out and add on more products during checkout. We agree, making it easy to up-sell our customers has increased our revenue by 30%.

The only thing that has come up with their services is being able to embed the checkout page into my website instead of sending the customer to an outbound link.

We searched, requested and even looked elsewhere to find software that would allow our customers to purchase our SaaS product inside of our website. Website services we didn’t care as much but for our Automation Software, we needed something that would integrate.

After looking at other products and checking out some demos we realized that nothing could beat what we’re already using. So the only thing left to do is to wait for the new feature or do what we always have done until now, look for a workaround.

AutomationLinks Embed

That’s when we found some basic code we could use to embed our Samcart links right into our website. Simple to do, yes and no. This is easy to get the link into your website but it’s not going to look pretty.

There are some things to consider when placing this code into your site like width and height. This will have to be customized based on how long your checkout page.

You could also delete everything on your checkout page and include all the formatting into your website, the only issue we saw with this was keeping everything in uniform on the page. We choose to keep the checkout page the same and just make the page length in the code a little longer.

Here’s the code to place into your website:

[<object data=”SamCartLinkHere” type=”text/html” width=”100%” height=”4500px”></object>]

Samcart Embed code automationlinks image

You’ll want to place your Samcart link in-between the quotes like the image below:

Samcart Embed code automationlinks code

Then you’ll need to set the width of your checkout page, we recommend keeping it at 100% width to fit your website page, but you can edit this however you want (YouTube width is 350px).

Samcart Embed code automationlinks code

Last you’ll need to set some previews to make sure the page is long enough to fit your checkout page. Always make sure to check out mobile to make sure it looks correct there. Our height is usually between 3500 & 4500 based on how much content is on our checkout page.

Samcart Embed code automationlinks code

This is a great option to try if you’re wanting to keep your website visitors on your website to help with SEO and to keep the sign-up process simple.

Don’t forget to SEO your checkout page, make sure it looks great on mobile phones and keep it easy for your customers to finish the checkout process.

Below we gave some extra tips you should practice when setting up any page on your website, especially your checkout pages.

Readable URLs

URLs – that address unique with every web page of your site, should be optimized with hyphenated keywords. It’s particularly important as search engines tend to sway towards URLs that are readable and easy to interpret.

Using ambiguous letters and symbols may seem okay, but it will hurt your site. To be safe, don’t join all words together and avoid using an underscore.

Examples of proper URLs


Meta Description

In most of the modern websites, having a little snippet on the search page describing what the page is about is proving key to ranking better.

It is a 160-word piece to entice visitors to click the link while at the same time having the main keyword noticed by a search engine.

However, there’s no need to have a meta description for all page – important ones only! The biggest thing to concentrate on is making the description enticing for users so that they will click through.


It’s no fallacy that quality content is gaining more importance with time. Robots are smart enough to debunk what’s sensible from the run-of-the-mill content and search engines today reward longer, factual content.

Therefore, for your site to perform better, take the time to create amazing, compelling and keyword optimized content. If you would like to be ahead of the pack, focus on video content.

Optimized Images

Truth be told, sites with images tend to perform far much better than those with no pictures. But, despite having HD images, your site might be in a slump because you lack one incredible fact.

Maximize your keywords by SEO optimizing your images. Include Alt Tags so that the tags can show up on the browser during those times when images won’t load.

Load time – site speed 

Pretty much we all loathe websites that take more than 3 seconds to load, search engines hate such trends. Low load speeds frequently negatively impact SEO.

In fact, Google ranks such pages slowly, and you can up the speed by looking at the amount of content on a web page, images sizes, and graphical elements.

The Takeaway

Remember, the reason we joined Samcart in the first place is that we knew it was imperative that we make it easy to check out for our customers. Keep this in mind when setting up your embed pages in your website.

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