Free E-mail Follow Up and Nurturing Course

Here is a simple framework you can use right away when creating your first email nurture sequence. Feel free to adapt the timings and content to suit your industry.


  1. Welcome & Lead Magnet Delivery – Immediately – Thank contact and deliver lead magnet.
  2. Address Major Objection – Day 1 – In the form: “Most people think X, but if they only knew Y, then Z”.
  3. Provide Case Study/Social Proof – Day 2 – Show them what life will be like after they have become a customer.
  4. Offer Help – Day 3 – Overcome obstacles. Ask them to reply with the biggest obstacle they are facing. “Stuck? Need some help?” Use feedback to determine the accuracy of email 2.
  5. Strong Call To Action – Day 4 – Final call email with a strong call to action focus, “Book a consultation today”.
  6. Re-engagement Email – Day 5 – Frankly, I don’t understand? Encourage re-engagement by stimulating a response.
  7. Re-Engagement Email 2 – Day 10 – Are you still interested?

Your goal is to create an engaging, value-driven follow-up email sequence.

You are trying to build relationships with your potential customers and encourage conversions into sales.

Write your email sequence using the framework above. Get it out into the world; then the fun can begin.

Once you have your sequence in place and people are going through your sequence, you can start to measure it.

How many people are opening your emails? 

How many are clicking through to your content?

How many conversions into customers are you getting?

Armed with this information you can make data-driven changes to your sequence. Change headlines, timings and content.

Do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

I won’t lie, this is where the magic happens. Rarely have I put an email nurture sequence into place and it converts straight off the bat. The best converting sequences come from a large amount of trial and error.


If you follow these steps, you will have an email nurture sequence that converts leads into sales for your business.