Gyms installing ‘workout pods’ so people can exercise safely amid COVID-19 pandemic

Gyms installing 'workout pods' so people can exercise safely amid COVID-19 pandemic

Gyms were the first indoor places where COVID-19 spread globally, but a solution is offered by fitness centers now. Most of the gym centers on the first coast have reopened, and they have taken precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19. While other people all over the country are installing workout pods to attend classes safely.

Gyms Reopened With Fitness Pods For Fitness Enthusiasts To Exercise While Complying With The Rules Of Social Guidance

Although virtual fitness classes are an accessible resource, yet people have started returning to the gym. On reopening gyms, customers are seen exercising in their square incubators made entirely of plastic shower curtains. They are made with pipes and shower curtains. They are designed to ensure everyone is protected while keeping the recommended social distancing.

Gyms didn’t install expensive plexiglass partitions but preferred to use the workout pods. They are more effective and cheaper than other measures. These pods can ensure that the trainers are at least 10 feet apart from each other.

In most places, workout equipment, workbench, counterweights, and other instruments are marked idle to keep a safe distance from trainers.

Would You Exercise In The Pod To Stay Safe?

Fitness pods are installed so patrons can separately perform the workout in their area. These pods are “well-received” by customers, which makes them super excited. If clients are still worried about staying outdoors, they can stay home and exercise online. Gym centers have also planned to continue broadcasting the courses online till vaccination is found against the Coronavirus. 

Gyms have installed a separate workout pod for their customers. The pod is 6 feet wide and 10 feet high. It is made of PVC pipe and transparent shower curtain which can provide enough personal space for every patron. Each pod is also equipped with a workbench and dumbbells. The gyms have reopened to keep athletes safe and avoid the spread of Coronavirus. 

Gym centers have not only taken necessary precautions such as checking their temperature and using hand sanitizer when entering the gym but also allocating dumbbell bags and other machines for each athlete.

It was a really difficult decision, and they weren’t sure if they could reopen gyms. But since the solution is proposed, it is much cheaper, and now gyms are reopened for customers while maintaining health and safety.

Gyms around the world have been closed for more than three months as the Coronavirus continues to spread. The state has now released guidelines for cleaning and social distancing to help reopen fitness centers. 

The Takeaway

The gyms have also established other social distancing rules, including a maximum of nine people exercising at the same time – about half the average capacity. Those who want to go to the gym will set appointments to control the number of people using the facility simultaneously. 

For those who work in the gym, personal trainers must wear face coverings and stay 6 feet away from the other workers. Workers must use hand sanitizer for cleaning the pod. Gym staff would thoroughly clean the pod, including doorknobs, countertops, vending machines, handwashing facilities, locker rooms, reception areas, changing rooms, showers, and toilets.