How Automation Works For Your Business

How Automation Works For Your Business (Simple To Use!)

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Hey there, my name is Brad Smith and today I want to talk about how you can use automation for your business. For our website, we’ve been using automation in every aspect of our website, our social media channels, and any marketing that we do.

Now, when I talk about automation, it means just simple ways to make business easier for you. I know you’re busy, you’re running your business, you’re dealing with clients, and it’s just hard to set up the whole online channel when you’re so used to working with clients face to face, so automation can help you get more leads from your website or social media channels.

It will help you follow up with all those leads and in the end, it’ll help you increase revenue. So some of the tools that we use in some things that we really focus on and that we help our clients set up.

Email Marketing Automation

Number one would be email marketing automation and that’s where we go in. We set up the marketing, the emails, we even write them in your channel.

If you use MailChimp or constant contact or convert kit, any of those software out there, you can set up automated replies, automated messages to go out to your clients.

Now, some of the clients that this works for, our new leads coming in, customers that you’re working with right now, and then even following up with past customers. Now, when you’re focused on new clients coming in, this is new leads, potential customers that are interested in your product.

They say it usually takes six to seven follow-ups before someone decides to become a client. So if you can use emails to follow up automatically with those clients at the right time, and most importantly save the right thing. Your business will increase new signups in new leads.

Now, some things that we do is we send an automated email once someone takes any action on our website or social media channels, and this is a welcome email.

This is where we welcome them, thank them for coming to the website and tell them how we’re going to be able to help them. And then we always send a followup message, an email the next day asking if they took the action and asking if they had any more questions.

Now you want to continue setting up emails like this, going forward six to seven times until they say yes or no until they decide if they’re going to work with your business or not.

Now, this is very beneficial for your business because you’re automatically creating a relationship with the client, and they know that you’re going to follow up with them and then at the end they’re going to sign up and become a customer.

Or they’ll say no and you can remove them from your list so you’re not spending money on clients that are not interested.

Now another way you can use email marketing is by continuing the relationship with current clients so you can actually increase revenue for your business up to three times from clients that you already have.

So this means you can sell extra products to them. You can tell them about the other services you offer. You can even ask them to refer their friends.

So when you’re using email marketing, ask them to refer their friends back, tell them about your new products, and in the end, you can increase revenue from clients that you’re already working with. This will also help the clients and make the clients stay longer with you because you’re continuing your relationship not only face to face, but also reminding them of updates, telling them about events and just always being for them when they need you most.

Or they’ll say no and you can remove them from your list so you’re not spending money on clients that are not interested.

And then the last way you can use email marketing is to follow up with past leads, so that means to take a list of all your previous and past clients, put them in your email marketing and start sending them updates, newsletters and reminders to come back to your business.

This is a great way to remind people about you, about what you offer, and to remind them about the experience that they had with you when they used to be a customer.

Now we set this up to go out about once a month so you’re not overwhelming past clients because some clients may have moved away or just are too busy to use your services. But what we want to do is continue reminding them, staying up to date, continuing the relationship, so if they do want to get started again, they’re going to turn to you and your business because you’ve continued the follow up in the relationship with them.

Facebook Messenger Automation

Number two, this is where facebook messaging comes in. We use facebook messenger to continue our relationship with the clients. I’ve mentioned it already in this article, in this podcast about the relationships are one of the key and most important things for businesses.

We use facebook messaging for our customer service, so think about it. If clients know that they can reach out to you and that you’ll respond in a timely manner, they’re going to be customers for life, relationships and being there for your customers.

Every step of the way is one of the most important things and one of the things that have helped us become successful, all of our clients know that they can reach out to us. We’ll provide help and we’ll do our best to answer their questions at any time.

You can use facebook messaging, not only for current clients as a customer support channel, but you can also use it for new customers coming in.

One of the most popular things out there right now is Facebook ads. Now, most people are sending traffic and new clients to landing pages and websites from their Facebook ads, but you can also set up Facebook ads to send people to your facebook messenger, which will continue the relationship, start the relationship, and allow them to ask any questions before they sign up.

The average customer usually has one or two questions that need to be answered, and if you can use facebook messaging to answer those questions, continue following up with them. You’re going to increase signups in sales, right inside facebook messenger.

Website Live Chat

Number three is our live chat. We always set up live chats on our website and on all of our clients’ websites, and this goes right along with what I explained earlier about being there for your customer when they need you most.

When the customer comes to your website or your social media pages, they have those one or two questions that need to be answered before they make that decision and if you’re using live chat to be there for them, they feel like they can reach out and ask you those questions and you can respond back in a timely manner.

They’re much more likely to sign up and become a customer. You can have live chat on all of your pages on your site or only on specific pages, like if you don’t want it on your homepage, but you want to make sure you have it on your pricing page.

You can set that up because when somebody comes to your pricing page and you’re there to answer their questions, they’re already on the page. They know where to check out and that will increase your chances of gaining a new customer number for updated contact forms.

Updated Contact Forms

This is where we get rid of the old contact forums on websites. We’ve all seen them before and we already have them on our site. Those contact forms only about five percent get responded to, so think about it as a customer going to your website, thinking if they fill out that contact form, they’re so used to people not responding back, they might not even fill it out.

Now, think about your business. When somebody fills out the contact form, are you responding back to them? Are you following up with them and are you building that relationship through the contact form? Most likely the answer’s no.

If 95 percent of owners are not using the contact form correctly, you might be part of that. So when we talk about updated contact forms, you can use them to create different styles, make them look different, make them interactive.

We recommend adding multiple choice questions, yes or no answers, and making it easy for the customer to just click a button without having to fill out the information.

If you make it easy for the customer to fill out the contact form, make it feel like it’s personal and make them feel like you’re going to respond back. You’re much more likely to increase conversions on your website.

The Key Takeaway

The key takeaway in all of this is obviously relationships. How can you set up marketing and automations throughout your business to better relationships with potential current and past clients?

If you can make this successfully, you’ll increase sign ups by 15 to 30 percent and obviously increased revenue from there. So when you’re thinking about your business, your automation, your marketing, think about how you can continue building the relationship with your clients, continue following up with them, and you’ll be more likely to increase revenue for your business.

Please leave a comment below, ask us any questions. We’d appreciate you and appreciate you sharing this.

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