How To Create Facebook Stories For Your Business

Today we will be showing how to create Facebook Stories. This gets great results for online businesses and a lot of brands and businesses out there. Facebook stories are very similar to Instagram stories. It’s where you can share short videos that relate to your business or yourself, so potential customers in social media, visitors can see.

This is going to be very key for your business. If you do it right, you can actually get more customers, more signups, and increase revenue just from using Facebook stories.

20 Second Videos

Facebook story videos are now twenty seconds long, so you have a little bit longer of a chance than you do Instagram to make that story. Instagram stories are only 15 seconds long, so now you have five more seconds to share your story.

Use Facebook Stories to share your brand and tell the customers about what you’re offering. This gives you more opportunity to add a call to action at the end. So let’s say you share about 15 seconds of your story, your pitch, your brand then the last five seconds, use that to ask the person to send you a message or reach out if they’re interested.

Create Around Your Business

Creating stories around your business is all about getting customers to get to know you, adding a relationship factor. You can add stories of your office space, walking around, videos of your employees, have yourself in the day in the life of yourself, of customers coming into your business, customers working with you and your business. This is a great opportunity to share that relationship side of your business and your brand.

It’s the same thing, we want to be able to create relationships through these stories, so show those important aspects of your business, make it more personal, and that’s where you’re going to see the results.

Day In The Life

Show a day in the life of your business, and we mentioned this before, day in the life. Show people what it’s like to work at your business, to work with your business, and to experience what your brand is all about. People want to see the insides and outs of the day to day work and the things that are going on so they can build trust with you.

Now, don’t worry about making these stories perfect. People want something that they can relate to, so show short videos of your clients, you coaching your clients, working with your clients, of the employees, and just show a day in the life of what somebody could expect. That’s going to help people build trust with you and your brand.

Add Strong Captions

A lot of times when somebody’s scrolling through Facebook or Instagram stories, they don’t have their volume turned on. So that’s why you need to add strong captions so they can read along as the story swipes, right?

So tell them what you’re talking about in each slide. Think about it as yourself, they’re not listening, they’re only seeing your mouth move. So you’ll need to add captions to tell them what you’re talking about, just in case they don’t have the volume turned up.

This is really going to help with user engagement and also make sure that they don’t swipe out and they continue watching your story!

The Key Takeaway:

How To Create Facebook Stories For Your Business Blog

Build the relationships through your stories. Show the insides of your brand, show people what to expect, what you’re like, what your culture is like, and they’re going to enjoy watching your stories so they come back on a day to day basis.

When they’re ready to hire you, they know that they can send you a message, they can swipe up or click on your links on a daily basis as you’re creating your stories.