How To Deal With Carb And Sugar Cravings On Keto


How To Deal With Carb And Sugar Cravings On Keto

carb cravings and the keto diet

Carb cravings or sugar cravings can be incredibly tough at the beginning of a ketogenic diet but do not despair, they won’t stay forever.

In case you’re struggling with them, here are some tips on how to deal with and eliminate carb cravings, especially when you first start the ketogenic diet.

Tips To Deal With Cravings

  1. Limit Carbs At One Time Rather Then Slowly. Although it might seem like a good idea to slowly ease your way into a keto diet, it isn’t necessarily so. To get into ketosis, you need to severely restrict the number of carbs that you are consuming to 20-25 grams of net carbs per day. If you’re staying at an amount that is higher than that, it might take you much longer to get into ketosis, and you might be constantly switching between your previous metabolic state and ketosis. Your carb cravings will linger on for a longer period of time.
  2. No Cheating. Cravings don’t go away if you succumb to them. It’s actually in their nature to become even stronger each time you give in. The more you feed them the bigger they become, and they’re almost impossible to satisfy.
  3. Experiment With Keto Recipes. If you’re really missing pizza, ice cream or sushi and cannot imagine your life without them, just relax! You can actually make fabulous keto-friendly versions of these foods. Fat bombs can also help with sweet cravings. This will allow you to still enjoy special treats from time to time without cheating (and without all the negative side effects). They can help you stay on track and curb a specific craving while staying in ketosis.
  4. Drink More Water. Next time when you crave something sweet, try drinking 1-2 glasses of water instead.  Notice how this reduces the craving altogether. Keep a glass of water next to your bed to help you deal with craving during the night and remember to drink water first thing in the morning when you wake up.
  5. Know What Is Causing The Craving. Food cravings actually have a lot to do with your emotional state. Research reveals that when you crave for something, you are trying to satisfy an emotion depends on the specific emotion you experience at that time. When you look for salty foods, you try to satisfy boredom, crunchy foods for anger or frustration, spicy for excitement or intensity and sweet for joy and contentment.  When your cravings arise, pay attention to what they are triggered by and acknowledge it.
  6. Try Pickles. As strange as it sounds, a lot of people find that pickles are an especially effective way to combat carb cravings. Pickles are very low in carbs and in calories (although you still need to check the label because sometimes they have added sugar), and also contain a lot of sodium and potassium. Many people drink pickle juice as a way to replenish their electrolytes. In addition to that, they will help you curb your hunger in the moments where you find it difficult to control it.
  7. Watch For Hidden Carbs. We live in a world where carbs are almost everywhere, even in products where you wouldn’t expect them to be, and hidden carbs definitely have the power to bring back old cravings.
  8.  Be Patient – The First Couple of Days Are The Most Difficult. Once you switch to a keto diet, your body will need to adapt to it, and based on your previous diet, this might be a bit of a challenge at first. Going from 200g-300g to 25g net carbs per day is an enormous change. Thankfully, our bodies do an amazing job at adapting, and the keto diet is no exception. If you were eating a lot of processed carbs before, limiting them is likely to provoke some particularly strong cravings, and sugar cravings are usually the worst.

Snack Ideas To Stop Cravings

  • Keto Tortilla Chips
  • Pork Rinds
  • Parmesan Crisps
  • Keto Fat Bombs
  • Keto Cookies
  • Zucchini Fries
  • Keto Chicken Wings
  • Cauliflower Pizza
  • Almonds
  • Avacado
  • Meat And Cheese Rollup
  • Olives
  • Hard Boiled Egg

The Takeaway

When cravings arrive, instead of thinking of cheating on your diet, ask yourself why you started keto in the first place. Think about your goals and the benefits and reasons WHY you want to keep going.

Instead of thinking about the things you can’t have on keto, start focusing on the amazing and delicious low carb foods you can and want to eat. Food cravings will subside but your goals and the person you want to become will always be there waiting for you. Keep fighting and pushing every day and you will get there.

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