How To Find The Perfect Workout Program

How To Find The Perfect Workout Program

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Finding the workout program can be pretty difficult, especially if you aren’t sure what your goals are. I’ve seen plenty of people who are trying to lose weight jump from one program to the next, and end up getting no results.

In order to find the right workout program, you have to have two things: the right mindset and the right strategy. Sometimes this means working with a personal trainer, evaluating your goals, etc. So let’s get into a few tips and tricks to help you find the workout program that’s best for you.

1. What Are Your Goals?

Now it’s time for some self-evaluation. In order to find the perfect workout program, you need to figure out exactly what your goals are. When it comes to fitness, there are a few common goals that most people have.

  • Weight Loss: This is one of the most common fitness goals. If you fall into this category, your main goal is losing a certain amount of weight and maintaining that weight loss.
  • Building Muscle: This is another fairly common fitness goal. With this goal, you are striving to not only build muscle but also maintain it.
  • Get Healthy: Let’s say you don’t really have a specific amount of weight you want to lose, you just want to feel better. If that’s the case, your goal is likely just to learn how to make healthier choices and feel better.

These are just a few common fitness goals, but your goals may be different. For example, you may be trying to find a workout program that you don’t hate.

Now that you’ve identified your goal, it’s time to start making a plan. Step #1 is to identify your goals, and Step #2 is to start deciding how often you will train. Make sure to be realistic. Don’t start by saying you will train every day for four hours if you know that isn’t possible.

2. Find Exercises You Enjoy

Let’s be honest. If you are on a workout program that you hate, chances are you aren’t going to be as consistent with it as you could be. Additionally, the amount of exercise you need varies depending on your goals.

For example, if your goal is to lose enough weight to feel better about yourself then you don’t need to exercise as much as someone trying to build muscle. Keep in mind that exercise is only a small piece of the puzzle, eating right is a far bigger piece of the puzzle.

Here are a few base-level exercises that you might enjoy:

  • Running or Cycling
  • Powerlifting or Weight Training
  • Yoga or Aerial
  • Parkour or Gymnastics
  • Swimming or Hiking

These are only a few examples, but the options are endless! Don’t suffer through an exercise you hate, find exercises you like and do them frequently. And if you aren’t sure which exercises would be best for you, try working with a personal trainer or attending a class at a gym!

3. Strength Training

In order to succeed in fitness,  you have to have a strong foundation. If you want to build a physique your proud of, stay injury free, and succeed in other exercises you should incorporate strength training into your routine.

Both men and woman (young or old) should be doing some form of strength training. And don’t worry about getting “too bulky”, that takes a lot more time and effort than you think.

Here are a few reasons why you should strength train:

  • Burns Calories: When you strength train, your body is forced to burn extra calories to rebuild muscle. This ‘afterburner’ effect of increased calorie burning lasts for 24-48 hours, which means 30 minutes of strength training will burn significantly more calories than 30 minutes of steady cardio.
  • Resilient: When you strength train, you teach your muscles to become more resilient. Strength training allows you to do both exercises and everyday tasks safely and efficiently.
  • Builds Physique: Strength training builds the physique you want. It helps you achieve that “toned” look and builds muscle which in turn burns fat.

So make sure to include strength training into your routine, whether this means lifting weights or doing push-ups.

4. Healthy Expectations

Last but not least, you have to set healthy expectations. In order to find a workout program for you, you must set goals but also have healthy expectations when it comes to achieving those goals.

Fitness doesn’t happen over night, so don’t expect to look like a completely different person after being on a workout program for a few days. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re setting goals and searching for a workout program:

  • Losing Weight: 1-2 pounds per week of weight loss is a safe pace. Could be more or less depending on your starting weight!
  • Building Muscle: 1-2 pounds of muscle gain per month is possible under optimal conditions for most. This could be more or less depending on your level of experience.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that your body can’t lose lots of fat and gain lots of muscle at the same time. One requires you to eat LESS, and the other requires you to eat MORE.

The Perfect Workout Routine

All in all, in order to find the perfect workout routine you have to set realistic goals and find exercises you enjoy. And if you aren’t sure where to start or how to go about your goals, try working with a eprsonal trainer!

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