How To Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Business

LinkedIn For Business

LinkedIn – In this blog, podcast and video Brad Smith shares his insight on how to use LinkedIn for business. All week we will be discussing different ways you can use LinkedIn to increase engagement and get new customers. Over the past 7 years we’ve been using LinkedIn to grow our business AutomationLinks.

Find Your Ideal Customer

Before even logging into LinkedIn you need to make sure you know who your ideal customers are. This will help not only your LinkedIn outreach but also with your website for future growth.

Search Businesses You Can Network With

Even if you don’t think your ideal customer is on LinkedIn, think about who your ideal “networking” business would be. What type of business would be willing to cross refer or join an partnership agreement with you?

Try Different Search Terms

Once you have your ideal person you’ll want to start searching for their keywords they’ve used on their LinkedIn profile. Play around with different categories and keywords to find what your person is listed as.

Locate Via Location

You can also target by location if you’re a local business. We search worldwide but if we wanted to we could search for customers that are local to us in St. Pete Florida.

Find The Biggest Audience

Now that you’ve found your ideal customer and what they list themselves as on LinkedIn you’ll want to adjust so you can find the most connections. Try and find keywords that have over 1,000 results.

Start Connecting

The list is ready, there is over 1,000 people and you know your ideal customer. Start connecting right away, we recommend only connecting with less than 50 people per day.

The LinkedIn For Business Insights

We’ve now reached our max connection base at 30,000 connections. At the beginning we didn’t expect to hit this milestone. Learn from our mistakes and only connect with your ideal clients so you don’t have to go back and delete unwanted connections.