How To Write E-mails For E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing Tips

In this blog, podcast and video Brad Smith shares his insights about how to write e-mails for e-mail marketing. Remember your e-mails should help you further your relationship with a potential client. Make it as personalized as possible and you’ll see higher conversion rates.

Don’t Use Images

Images will send your e-mails directly to the promotion folder. Once you end up in any folder besides the inbox forget about your e-mails working anymore!

No More Then 3 Links

Do not flood your e-mail with URL links spamming your potential clients. URL links add extra “html” code to your e-mail which will send your marketing campaigns to the spam folder.

Write Your E-mail In Gmail First

Want to send the perfect, personalized e-mail? Craft your message in your e-mail account before adding to your e-mail software. Now it looks exactly like you sent your emails directly to each person on your list.

How To E-mail Webinar

Make It Personal

Add your users first name in the subject line and e-mail copy to draw attention. If someone is calling out your name wouldn’t that make you want to read it?

Use 3 Words In Subject Line

Remember your users will be using mobile phones, tablets and computers to read your e-mails. Use 2-4 words in your subject line so it’s universal across all devices.

Ask Questions

Have you looked in your e-mail inbox lately? You’ll see that if you have a conversation with someone and started an e-mail thread it always shows up in your inbox. Ask questions in your e-mails to get your customer to respond so you’ll stay in the inbox.

The E-mail Marketing Takeaway

E mail Marketing Tips

Please remember when you’re building your business online it’s all about relationships not marketing. Your conversion rates will be around 1% if you only focus on marketing and advertising. If you can focus on creating real relationships you’ll increase your conversions by up to 15%.