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AutomationLinks Pricing

Starting Out

  • Capture New Leads
  • Increase Online Sales
  • Customer Service & Engagement
  • Live Chat & Messenger Bot
  • Scheduled Bookings
  • Instant Notifications
  • Software Integration

Business Plan

  • Capture New Leads
  • Increase Online Sales
  • Customer Service & Engagement
  • Live Chat & Messenger Bot
  • Scheduled Bookings
  • Instant Notifications
  • Software Integration
  • E-commerce Setup/Integration
  • 7 Automated Messages

Rapid Growth

  • Business Plan Included
  • 4 SEO Blogs
  • 4 SEO Reviews
  • 6 Email Follow-ups
  • 6 FB Messenger Follow-up
  • Analytic Email Updates
  • Monthly 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Abandon Cart Messenger
  • E-commerce Setup/Integration
  • 1 New Funnel/month

Why Do We Need Unlimited Integrations?

Integrations will help you automate your entire workflow and make running your business easier. When someone comes to your website and starts a chat you’ll need to follow-up. By integrating your chat with your email marketing, website and CRM software the integration will automatically send the customers information to the other programs so you can easily follow-up.

Tell Me More About Landing Page Embed Chat!

This is our favorite feature and one that will change the online industry forever. Since our goal is better relationships why do we still use boring contact us forms? Use our live chat widget in the middle of your website or landing page as a opt-in form. By using the chat to ask your customers for their name and email they’re 80% more likely to give it to you. Try it, it works!

How Does The Chat Bot Work?

We believe building real relationships with your customers online is the only way to succeed. We don’t want you using chat bots for the entire conversation. We know you’re busy so we will help you set-up a chat bot that automatically welcomes visitors, asks them important questions and then notifies you when you should personally enter the chat and answer their questions.

How Does The Total Live Chats Work?

Our software is hosted on our server so we can only give away a certain amount of free live chats. Each plan allows you to have more active chats per month so you can respond back to all your visitors. Once you reach your limit on your plan you should have signed up multiple clients so it’s an easy upgrade to one of our higher plans.

What’s The Chat History?

Once you sign-in to our dashboard you’ll see an entire analytic and chat history section. This will allow you to go back and see previous chats, potential leads contact information and even see all the pages they’ve been to on your website. This will help you see what’s working and what needs to be fixed. Never forget to follow-up with your chat visitors until they sign-up or say no!

Quick Start

Quick StartYou will be up and running in no time. With simply copy and paste a code into your website and AutomationLinks will start working immediately.

User Friendly

User FriendlyOur first priority with AutomationLinks was to have an easy to use live support chat solution. Both the operator and client should not need a manual at all. Who reads a manual?

Full Responsive

Full Responsive

Works on all screen sizes, mobile or desktop device. Optimized for mobile devices for loading as little as possible.

Secure Protect

Secure ProtectWe use a data center in the U.S, Canada and Europe, access restriction and full permission based level system. Latest and greatest software and hardware technology.

Operator Panel

Operator PanelDesign masterpiece, everything available with one click. Use our operator panel on every modern browser or download our desktop app.

Live Visitors

Live Online VistorsGo to your live online visitor site and check what is going on your website. See from which country, where and when your visitors are browsing your pages.

Client History

Client History

Check your conversations way back. Depend on your package we keep you a history, of course you can export a conversation as well by sending it to any email address you want.

Contact History

Contact HistoryWhen no operator is online you can decide to show a contact form, we will inform you on new offline messages and keep a history of it as well.


File SystemShare files, images, documents with your website visitors and vice versa. Our secure file system allows you to share files anytime.


ResponsesTyping the same again and again can be annoying, therefore we have added standard responses. Setup as many you like and use them in a conversation with a click

Auto ProActive

Auto ProActive

Others call it engage customers, we like to say be ProActive and invite your website visitors automatically or manually.


Chat BotSetup and build the chat bot to answer some basic questions or use this to automate your entire website. Build an automated relationship with your customers until it’s time to jump in.


DepartmentsCreate departments and associate operators to department that way your website visitors is talking to right person from beginning.

Full Statistics

Fancy StatisticsView full stats inside your dashboard, chat duration, feedback, top site pages, locations, best rated operators and much more.



Multiple operators can transfer conversations to each other and with our native apps you will receive a push notification on a transfer as well.

Business Hours

Business HoursWith AutomationLinks you don’t need to be online 24/7 we have built a business hour feature to have the chat automatically online when you are online.

What Is A Chat Bot?2018-09-13T20:06:36+00:00

This is our favorite feature, not because we like robots but because we know it can help a business owner tremendously! We know you’re busy and can’t be answering every question that comes to your website. You can hire us to create set-up the bot for you or you can do it yourself. A bot can answer common questions and make it easy for your customers to get their questions answered without you having to be there. When they need you most, jump in on your phone and answer personally!

Can I View Statistics?2018-09-13T19:30:31+00:00

Like graphs and numbers? You lucky bugger! How long you have talked to a customer, which of your site is most visited, where you customers are coming from, ratings, feedbacks, live map and much more.

Can We Use This As Customer Support?2018-09-13T19:29:40+00:00

Our main feature is to connect your website visitors with your, LIVE. Answer pre sales questions, help immediately your customers and of course engage with anytime. You can also set-up a ticketing/help desk feature to make sure you never miss out on your customers needs.

What If I Don’t Have A Website?2018-09-13T19:28:46+00:00

No problem, our live chat is one of the only services out there that lets you integrate the chat inside of your landing pages or funnels. Use our chat to answer common questions or ask for the sign-up.

Do You Have An IOS App?2018-09-13T19:27:34+00:00

Stylish and fast, the native iOS app makes you using it even when you sit in the office. All the features you need and much much more. Ready to kick some stars? Btw, you can also do the same what Android users can.

Do You Have An Android App?2018-09-13T19:27:06+00:00

Our native Android app will give you all the features you need on the road. Never miss a customer with the build in push and sound notifications. Bored? No problem, you can even engage customers right from your Android phone.

How Can You Offer A Free Plan?2018-09-13T19:26:17+00:00

We think every website should have a live support chat on the website. It is so much easier to contact the website owner in case of interest. Our starter package will give exactly this option. After receiving a couple new clients from the chat most business owners upgrade their account to get all of the features.

Is It Ad Free?2018-09-13T19:25:16+00:00

Absolutely, we do not run any third party ad’s on our solution. Our mission is your success only!

Is My Data Safe?2018-09-13T19:24:50+00:00

As with all cloud solution we take care of security, uptime and speed. But as always there is a risk involved with having stuff in the cloud. We also offer self hosted live support chat solutions if you like to manage things yourself.

Is There A Chat Limit?2018-09-13T19:23:28+00:00

Each package has his limitation and of course you get what you paid for. Pay more get more is also the case here. However we have a very fair pricing structure and we are sure you will find the right package.

How Many Operorators Can We Have?2018-09-13T19:22:25+00:00

We have various packages after sign up and you can switch from one to another as much as you want. You can also add operators just for one month in case you expecting a peak time. You can add up to 10 operators at the same time, please let us know when you need more.

What Is AutomationLinks?2018-09-13T19:21:10+00:00

Our service is to provide you a reliable, fast and easy to use live support chat. It will give your website visitors the chance to connect to you directly when browsing your website. You can use any sort of device to answer as long you are using a browser or our native desktop and mobile apps.

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