Put Your Clients First – Brand Loyalty

Today we are going to talk about how to improve brand loyalty.

The Amazon example

Amazon for example, you think about their customer centricity everything they’ve done let’s say when they started Amazon Prime the whole 2-day shipping thing.

Investors were really scared, you could spend all this money on two-day shipping and now look at the giant that they’ve created now.

So many people are Amazon Prime members, I’ve been a prime member for years and now they bought Whole Foods and during the slash prices for Prime members that’s going to increase brand loyalty.

As long as they continue to be customer focused because of all the value that they bring to me and it makes it easier for my life I’ll stay a customer.

The other thing that you can do is if you want to increase brand loyalty is really go above and beyond and help your customers.

The moment someone buys from you treat them the same expecting them to be a customer for life.

Treat your clients like they’re your friend, like they will be customers forever and that they’ll refer 5 others to your business.

That’s the 5X rule, see if you can get 5 new customers from every one customer you already have by providing the best value.

When people post on social media and they tag you make sure you respond and you help them out even if it’s not related to your product or service.

Or when people email your support team or they they’re asking you guys questions respond and do whatever you can to help them out, because if you do that they’re much more likely to become very loyal customers.

You know as a services business I think what you can do to really take this even one level higher I’ll give you an example.

For our automation agency what we do sometimes is we get our clients and we highlight their business on our social media pages and that helps build more loyalty because we’re not just giving services anymore we’re actually providing additional value.

What I see working also is to get groups of entrepreneurs or marketers together put them in a dinner and then get them to meet each other.

There’s no agenda, not trying to get business from each other and we’re not trying to hand out business cards things like that it’s it’s it’s more relationship building than network networking.

That’s how you build more loyalty because you’re connecting people you’re known as the connector you’re giving them new opportunities you’re not just you know the vendor anymore.

So think about it especially for your service based business that’s how you build more loyalty that’s how you get more people to to talk about you as well in simplistic terms just care about people.

If you care about people your potential customers your customers whoever it may be you’ll have a strong brand loyalty in the long run.

Final example, just to touch on and again you think about Nordstrom think about Amazon think about all of these amazing experiences that you’ve had where they go above and beyond.

Nordstroms will take refunds, they treat you really well.

You know their service is really good too so I look at Nordstrom I look at Amazon I even look at Zappos as well these are the companies that are doing it the right way and that’s why people talk about them more.

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