Setup An Effective Sales Process

Setup An Effective Sales Process

Setup An Effective Sales Process

Sales Process – You’re probably working hard. The fact that you’re taking the time to read and learn about improving your sales management skills is proof of that. Nevertheless, the question remains:


Are you working hard on the right things?

You might feel like this is a vague question. As it turns out, It’s quite easy to answer once you start tracking your sales process.

It’s pretty simple to answer once you identify one important piece of the puzzle.

Prioritize your sales activities with this crucial framework

Before you can work out if you and your team are spending your time on the most important sales tasks, you need one critical thing.

Relationships First

When setting up your online presence you must be aware of what your customers actually want and then how you can build stronger relationships with that.

Use copy that shows that you have empathy towards their wants and needs. You can also place personalized videos throughout your website and social media to create trust.

Engagement + Follow-up

By engaging and showing interest in your prospects they will notice your efforts. Continue reaching out in different ways and show that you care about their business.

Follow them on social media, follow their business pages and give them a thumbs up once in a while. This will show them that you actually care about what’s happening in their business.


People have busy lives and sometimes just don’t care what you have going on. Give gentle interruptions during the day to remind them you’re there.

Send a text message, early email and even message them on Facebook to interrupt their day and see if they will give you a quick reply.

Find The Customers Problem

This is where we wanted to start the blog. If you have empathy and know what your clients actually know they need you’re in a good place.

Use your ideal customer’s common problem to create your website and copy around. Instead of talking about yourself, talk about how you understand, know how to fix and have other clients that solved that problem working with you.

Personalize Everything

When sending e-mails and text messages you need to make sure it’s all personalized. Nobody wants to see a colorful newsletter with a ton of images that don’t relate to them.

Use the “personalized” tag manager in your e-mail and SMS manager to create personalized messages directly to your customers.

Use Software

Nothing is worse than knowing you had a client that was almost ready to sign-up with you and then you can’t find their contact information for follow-up.

Use a software like AutomationLinks to store all of your potential client’s contact info. When it’s time to text, email or call them just log in to our dashboard, type their first name and send them whatever type of message you want.

Track Analytics

Is your follow-up even working? How can you fix something that’s not working if you don’t even know if it’s working or not?

Track how many visitors come to your website, how many reach out to you and even how many end up purchasing your product in the future.

Never Stop

We say it takes 6-7 follow-ups before a customer decides they trust you and would like to work with you. Sometimes this isn’t always the case because they might not be able to afford your services yet.

Continue following up with every potential customer until they say yes or no to your offer. Sometimes it takes years before someone joins your program. If you can continue helping and educating your potential customers they’ll remember you when they’re ready to join.

The Sales Process Takeaway:

Setup An Effective Sales Process

Do you have a defined sales pipeline?

  • Does your plan set out a clear process with clearly defined stages?
  • Are those stages clearly defined so salespeople know where a prospect or lead fits in your sales pipeline?
  • And do you have defined activities for your salespeople at each stage so they know exactly what they need to do to move the lead closer to a sale?

You need a structured, repeatable sales process to help you draw valuable metrics and make meaningful improvements to your past performance.

This is where a sales CRM tool becomes an invaluable asset.

You can exponentially reduce the time you spend on admin by automating data gathering, tracking, performance measurement, and reporting. You’ll have all the relevant data you need to make improvements to your process with just one or two clicks.

Once the paper pushing is automated, all you need to to do is analyze the outputs to prioritize your sales time effectively, resulting in sustainable improvements to your sales process.