Social Media | Automation Framework | Video 2 of 8

Social Media | Automation Framework | Video 2 of 8

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Hey, how’s it going everyone? Brad Smith here with automation links. Today I want to talk about social media and the exact steps that you should be taking and the exact framework that we’re taking for our business when it comes to social media, so what are you doing for your social media strategy? Do you even have a strategy?

Have you planned out with your team when to post what to post and where to post. Those are the most important questions and if you don’t have that written down somewhere, you don’t have the framework set up or the content strategy planned out, you’re just not doing it to the full effect.

Tip Number One: Find Out Where Your Clients Are

Now we get the majority of our customers from social media by posting videos or blogs, answering common user questions and just being there helping our potential customers so when they’re ready to reach out and hire us for our service, they know exactly where to find us and where to get started from the social media channel that we’ve been speaking to them on.

As an example, our number one social media platform that we use is facebook. Not only do we know our ideal customers are there, but we know that they can send us a facebook message once they’re ready to ask us a question or get started working with us, so you need to think about where your ideal customers are at.

If you are targeting business owners, they may be on LinkedIn. If you’re targeting people for health and fitness, they may be scrolling through Instagram. If you’re looking for other business opportunities, you can connect with people on Facebook and message them. You need to show empathy for your clients where they’re at, where they spend most of their time, and then you’ll have to figure out the content strategy after that.

Step number one, ask your current clients right now where they spend most of their time. If you’re working with them one on one, you can just randomly ask them what social media platform they’re using the most. You can send out surveys or questionnaires to their emails or their social media channels.

You can set up poles on your Facebook or Instagram page to see where your clients are, where they’re spending the most time, where their friends at, where their family is at, and where are the things that they enjoy looking at the most. If you’re a local business, maybe you just want to be there when somebody is doing a google search for you.

These are just some of the tips that we recommend to finding out where your ideal customers are. Once you figure out where your customers are, that’s where you want to spend 90 percent of your time. So if your ideal channel and your customers are mostly on facebook, connecting with their friends and family, start posting 90 percent of your content on facebook on a consistent basis.

Tip Number Two: Consistency

Now that you’ve figured out your channel, now you need to start posting consistently with videos, blogs, answering common questions, doing live videos and just being there for your clients. Start sharing your most helpful tips, free tips, things that can help them advance and whatever service that you offer.

Once they see that you’re the leader in this space, they’re going to start seeing your face, recognize your business and remember you each time that they log in to the social media channel. So as an example, we post one of our blogs daily on our lLinkedIn Now business owners see that we’re posting relevant blogs on our LinkedIn page on a consistent basis, and now they know where to reach out and who the authority is in that space.

If you’re on instagram and that’s your ideal channel, post pictures and videos of your clients, what your clients are doing, make it relevant to your business and on a consistent basis so when your potential customers and users are browsing, they continue seeing your business, helping others, being there for others, and then they’ll reach out to you when they’re ready.

Tip Number Three: Have A Strategy

We base our entire business off strategies and frameworks. We schedule our videos, we schedule our blogs and our audio podcast. This helps us stay on track, but most importantly, it helps us know exactly what we should be talking about and how we’re helping others. We use common questions that our users ask us, then they get put into our content strategy. So if I receive a common question from our customers during the week, I will use that and I’ll make a video about it, a blog about it, and a podcast about it, and then I’ll share it on our main social media channels.

So think about the common questions your customers are asking, how you can help them the most, and use that in your strategy. Get with your team and use that content and strategize. Put it in your calendar, start setting it up and posting it on a consistent basis. If the whole team is on board with your strategy and you have a framework in place, you’re bound to be consistent.

People will continue to see you and most importantly, they’ll know exactly when to find you and when you’re going to be out there helping them. Make sure you’re always linking, asking for comments, sending people back to your website, asking them to engage on your messenger.

There’s multiple ways to engage in link with your potential customers. As an example, in all of our instagram stories that we post, we asked our visitors and our viewers to leave us a message if they need more information or if they want to claim the special offer in facebook. It helps if people start leaving comments, so when you do a facebook live, ask your customers to leave you a comment below.

In linkedin, we always ask to send a message so they can get a free guide, a free framework or something free so we can start building that relationship. Now that you’re posting the content on a consistent basis and your customers start watching, you can start asking them to take some sort of action. These actions can be other free offers. They could be promotions or just simply communicating back and forth through a messenger.

The Key Takeaway

The number one thing that we look for is where our ideal customers are. It’s not about you, the business owner. You need to be there for your customers. Your customers may have a completely different mindset that you do. You own the business. You’re in the business on a daily basis.

Your customers are just looking for your service, so if they’re going to google to look for your service, you need to be there and show up when they search for you. If they’re scrolling through facebook and they like services like yours, you want them to engage with you.

Same thing on instagram. If they see videos and testimonials and reviews of your other clients, they’re going to be intrigued and want to know where they got those results, so show empathy towards your clients. Be there for them when they need you. Most and most importantly, be consistent for them and then they’ll consistently be there for you.

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