Text Message Automation By Brad Smith

Texting About Text Message Automation

In this video Brad Smith talks about how he used text message automation to grow his first website to the first page of search engines.

Make it easy for your potential clients to reach out and ask you questions about your business. I made it so easy that my website visitors just had to send a quick text. I was able to check it in-between working with my current clients and respond back as soon as I could.

Setup Text Message Automation Throughout Website:

When I had my health and fitness website I was able to put a text opt-in on my website. It made it easy for my potential clients to text me any questions. I was able to respond as soon as possible and know that they would open it.

Giveaway Your Free Products Via Texting:

Setup the text automation on your business card, social media pages and website. Giveaway a free offer or product to incentivize them to send the text and get something in return.

Send Out Specials And Coupons Via Text:

Send out mass text messages to let everyone know. These messages get opened 90% of the time so you know your clients will see it. You can even use this for current clients that are already part of the team.

The Text Message Automation Takeaway!

By making it easy for your clients and yourself you can easily sign up potential visitors at a higher conversion rate. Draw a map on your website and show the clients what actions you want them to take.

Remember not to give to much info via text, look back at your texts you use with your friends and mimic that. You don’t need to send your about page to potential visitors, ask a lot of questions first.

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