Tips On Setting Up AliExpress Dropshipping

Aliexpress is an eCommerce site that is based in China. It is a marketplace that has a large number of sellers and re-sellers of various merchandise. Aliexpress allows you to ship items from China to almost every country on the globe. One benefit of drop shipping with Aliexpress is that you can buy products at a cheap price.

Tips On Setting Up AliExpress Dropshipping

How To Get Started – Find Your Niche

You need a product that is highly searched in Google each month, but which has a low level of competition. You should search for products that have a profit margin of minimum 30-40%. There are so many products out there that are extremely beneficial and “needed” by most households. Don’t go towards the flooded niches that have a lot of competition. You don’t want to compete with Amazon or some other big store when you know you will have no shot. You should avoid products like health supplies, electronics, clothing or appliances because these items often have complaints.

Start Fast – Hire An Expert

AliExpress Agent is a really good drop shipping agent that offers a lot of services for a very cheap agency fee. Let us show you their services:

  1. Branding – If you do have your own branding AliExpress Agent gives you so much help in that area. They actually offer to put your logo on the box that they will deliver to your customer and even insert marketing fliers you want to be given to your customer. This is a really good marketing tool that AliExpress Agent is offering.
  2. Price Tag Removal – In case your wondering, yes, they do remove any trace of pricing on the product you are about to deliver. (except of course the price you sold it for to your customer)
  3. Vast amounts of suppliers – AliExpress helps you connect faster and easier with other suppliers. The supplier’s list they have is enormous and are screened for those suppliers who are truly legit and have a product of high quality.
  4. Product Inspection – If quality is one of the images of your store then AliExpress Agent is the best partner for you. They have a dedicated team to check all your products. They check every inch of the product to make sure that it is an amazing and tip-top shape. Also, they check specifications on the product, like color and size.
  5. Order consolidation – AliExpress agents give you amazing features that your customers who purchase will truly love. If you have customers who buy a lot of things per week or per day then AliExpress helps you by consolidating their orders in order for them to pay a lower amount of shipping fee. (happy customers = more purchases = more profit $$)
  6. Direct Shipping – And of course, the AliExpress agent will directly ship the product to your customers. They do not care if your customer is from Asia, Europe, or Australia, they will deliver it to your customer’s door step.

Setting Up Your Store

The first thing to do when you wish to use AliExpress as your drop shipper is to set up your online store using platforms like Shopify or Oberlo. Once you have picked out your products for your store, you are ready to set-up your website and store.

Choose Reliable Aliexpress SuppliersAliExpress Dropshipping

With AliExpress dropshipping, you can easily lose control over the customer experience because you never see the product since it’s shipped directly from your supplier’s warehouse to your customer.

If you’re trying to provide top-notch customer service, which is a must, dropshipping could become a liability. Although AliExpress as a marketplace handles improper suppliers as best as it can, we still suggest being very careful when selecting your dropshipping suppliers.

Here are some top tips from our dropshipping guide on how to select the best suppliers:

  1. Don’t Always Go for the Lowest Price
  2. Buy From Suppliers That Have 95% and Higher Positive Feedback
  3. Be Careful With Branded Products
  4. Pay Attention to the Responsiveness of the Supplier

The Takeaway:

Don’t just go with the stream. Going with the stream isn’t always the most advisable reason to pick a product or a niche. The market for popular products is always so saturated that there will be higher levels of competition from your rivals. If prevalent products are the things you wish to pursue then make fully sure to conduct a thorough analysis into the rise and fall of the trend, therefore, you can recognize what to expect from your consumers’ interests. Carefully scrutinizing a tool, such as Google Trends to help measure the trends.