How to use YouTube for growth!

Grow Your Website Using YouTube

Hey there, Brad Smith with and

Today we’re going to be talking about YouTube and how to use YouTube to really grow your business online.

You can start getting more traffic to your website or to your business right from YouTube.

Below I am going to show you some steps that I took to really grow my YouTube channel and start ranking higher in search engines.

How to setup your YouTube channel:

1. Setup upload defaults (descriptions and tags).
2. Make your profile personable (pictures and videos in layout).
3. Share on Google, Twitter & LinkedIn (make sure it looks good and not a bunch of random links).
4. Be consistent. (So your clients know when to come back and watch).
5. Enter your URL in the first sentence.

Secret tip: use a [Software] to play your videos live on YouTube!
(Show up in Google in 10 minutes)

I’m going to take basic steps here from the very beginning just basic things to set up your YouTube channel but then at the end I’m going to show you some crazy things that really will explode your business from using YouTube.

I’ll show you the basics and I always say you know with your business choose three things that are going to accelerate your growth and start without paying for marketing.

Make sure you have a consistent base, a process and a sure fire way to sign-up clients consistently before you go out and spend all your hard earned money on advertising.

Start with focusing on quality content, think about what your potential clients will want to watch and what they’ll be searching for in Google.

Remember search engines are always the first place consumers go with searching to buy a product.

Make sure your website and videos show up in search engine rankings.

YouTube is the second highest traffic source online. By posting consistently on your YouTube channel you’ll start showing up in video search.

Number three is social media for traffic sources. We’re told that we should be everywhere on every platform.

For most business owners it’s hard enough being good at one thing.

Start with just one social media platform, master that and grow your fan base there.

Your mission is to grow your business and brand. Start with building traffic to your website and growing your fan base.

Search engines get people to your website or to learn more about you and then choose one social media that you can get really good at and build your audience.

For Google we do a lot of blogs, we post helpful content to help our customers and give them tips. That’s getting searches into Google and search rankings to build up our online search.

Number two is YouTube, we do weekly videos which also goes into Google search. Not only do our videos provide tips and instruction but our clients know when to look for new videos from us. You can go to our YouTube channel and know that there will be new videos that are helpful.

Number three we use Facebook, we have the Facebook group and then our Facebook pages. When it comes to FB it’s all about relationships. Don’t post links and tell people to go off social media. Keep your audience on your page and engaged so they remember your name and brand. When they’re ready they’ll come find you!

It’s our mission to help you grow your website and automate your business. If this helped you in anyway please share with a friend that has a website or would like to grow their business online.