Website Blog Content Strategy Tips

In this video Brad Smith explains how to setup your content marketing and blogging strategy.

You’ve probably heard how paramount blogging is to the success of your content marketing. Without it, your SEO will tank, you’ll have nothing to promote in social media, you’ll have no clout with your leads and customers, and you’ll have fewer pages to put those valuable calls-to-action that generate inbound leads. Need I say more?

So why, does almost every marketer have a laundry list of excuses for why they can’t consistently blog or make videos? Maybe because, unless you’re one of the few people who actually like writing, business blogging kind of stinks. You have to find words, string them together into sentences, and where do you even start?

  • Research

When preparing content for your site, you certainly don’t want to provide unproven information. Do you? Therefore, ensure that you conduct thorough research from reputable sources. This will enhance your credibility score as customers depend on honesty to make their decision. Most importantly, ensure that you do not plagiarize the researched content as it may have dire consequences on your site.

  • Quality

The rule of simplicity being the ultimate sophistication applies in numerous aspects and blogging is one of them. Most website owners strive to adopt difficult expression without really understanding the implications of their moves  Difficult expressions only make it impossible to read and comprehend the information thus resulting in a poor page ranking due to minimal visitors on your website. Ensure you use simple language which allows visitors to understand the information despite their education levels.

  • Keywords

Keywords are important in your blog as they enable you to optimize your content for search engines. For instance, if you are writing content about travel, the keywords in this case should be related to travel. The keywords enable visitors to effortlessly find your content whenever they use search engines like Google or Yahoo.

Start Today!

No matter the size of your enterprise, a website will play a key role in determining the growth rate of your business. There are numerous clients around the world who you can reach through your blogs. However, if you cannot craft quality blogs, you may consider seeking the services of a professional blog writer. That said, as much as a blog might seem unimportant, it is a small tool that can catapult your business to success within no time!