What Are The Benefits Of A Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

Facebook Messenger Chatbot

In this video Brad Smith talks about how you can use Facebook Messenger Chatbots to benefit your business. AutomationLinks currently uses chatbots to interact with our current customers. It’s a great way to continue building relationships for your business and website.


1. Conveniently stay in touch

By using chatbots you can easily respond, build relationships and get in touch with potential or current customers.

AutomationLinks FB Messenger Bot Chat On Websites

2. Make it personal

Make your business personal and you’ll see success. We use our chatbot to interact with our current customers so we can continue providing customer support.

3. Smart replies and answers

You can automate your entire chat bot experience to easily signup new clients. Once you have a new subscriber you can also automatically followup through automation.

4. Be where your customers are

There are 400 million people on Facebook Messenger when last reported. The majority of your clientele are probably using social media in someway, be there when they have questions.

AutomationLinks FB Messenger Bot Chat On Website

5. Low cost customer service

Use the FB Bot to answer customer questions whether you’re a one person team or have employee’s. By connecting with clients in the bot you can easily respond back.

6. Easily followup

Since it’s easy to keep track of conversations in the bot you can schedule and look back at previous conversations so you can continue your followup process.

 The Facebook Messenger Bot Takeaway

AutomationLinks FB Messenger Bot Chat On Web

We use FB messenger bot on our AutomationLinks popup button. This is great for business owners who don’t have time to respond back right away to a live chat but still want to improve their website service.

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