What’s The Best Text Message Software For My Business?

What’s The Best Text Message Software For My Business?

Whats The Best Text Message Software For My Business

Text Message Software – In this blog, podcast and video Brad Smith shares his top text message software tips to help you grow your business. Texting is one of the best ways to not only communicate with your customers but to also continue building a strong relationship with them.

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We’re referring you to our software because we personally think it’s the best. We’ve tested and tried many SMS softwares out there, got user feedback and created AutomationLinks with business owners as our first priority.

Personalized Text

What most software is missing is the ability to text message customers individually. Why have a huge list of clients if you can’t text them personally? Use our free number included in your account as your business text line and reply back to questions and follow-up personally.

Text Opt-in

Another important thing to remember is to make it easy for leads to reach out to you via text. By having a business number, system in place and forms embedded in your website and social media you’ll have customers reaching out all the time.

Upload Your List

Now that we have the personal approach down you’ll also want to upload older clients you’ve already been in touch with. You can upload all of your customers and use for client support or upload leads you’ve spoke with before and follow-up.

Send Promotion Text

Now that you have clients grouped in your text message list you can start promoting your offers and promotions. If you have a holiday special, create a short text with a link back to your checkout page and watch the magic happen.

Automated Reminders

The last thing you must have is a way to schedule reminders, follow-ups and appointments. You can send birthday texts and even appointment reminders. Want to make sure someone shows for an appointment? Text them!

The Text Message Takeaway

Brad Smith Whats The Best Text Message Software For My Business

We believe building a relationship online is one of the most important steps people miss online. By using text messaging for customer support, follow-up reminders and even promotion blasts you’ll see an increase in not only relationships but also in revenue.