Why Am I Stuck Here?

When it comes to our health and fitness goals most of us don’t even bother to really try. (This is just untrue. Not sure where this came from?)
But even after trying several times, we feel like that we are not getting there.
If you are going through something similar and are asking yourself why am I stuck here? Why is it so difficult and overwhelming? Why I am successful in all other aspects of my life but fail to achieve my health goals? Then this is the right blog post for you.
Why can’t I achieve my health goals?
The reason why most of the time we fail to achieve our health goals be it losing weight, reducing stress, or increasing the energy level is that so many information is available that we can’t effectively categorize and process it.
There are so many treatments and methods available that you simply can’t find the time to implement them all. Not relevant at all.  You know so much about what you should and shouldn’t do that you decide to put it back in the closet as it is way too much to handle.  The idea isn’t that you know so much it is that there is so much information that you DONT know what to do.  That is why people put it on the back burner. They are so overwhelmed, they just don’t look at it.  Using the back closet reference doesn’t make sense here unless you her the first piece, so this needs to be written in a way that is relevant tooth’s blog-not what someone did not her in the video.
Wellbeingness® (Wellbeingness needs to always have the ® trademark after it.)
Here we need to understand two terms: Wellness and Wellbeing. Wellness is related to physical health while Wellbeing translates to mental and emotional health. When we have both Wellness and Wellbeing then we are in a state of what I like to call Wellbeingness.  (Wellness and wellbeing are not capitalized.)
Wellness and Wellbeing; (this is the wrong punctuation-it should be a colon)the action piece and the will power. _willpower is one word

Wellness and Wellbeing; the action piece and the will power

Wellness is connected to the action piece which includes diet, exercise, and sleep. If you want to improve your wellness then you can choose to take any of these 3 actions. It doesn’t need to be something grand or complex, a simple and small action would do just fine. For example, it can be taking less sugar in your morning coffee, not taking wine during office hours, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or adding 45 minutes to your sleep cycle.

Wellbeing is related to thoughts and emotions. These together translate to will power. When we try to achieve our health goals, we are mostly relying on our will power to get us through. This is a wrong approach which will only help you in the short run. Because sooner or later our will power will give way and you are bound to slip.

Hence, the effective way of approaching your health goals is to address both wellness and wellbeing i.e. use both the action piece and the will power. Because an action takes place on two levels, both in the outside and the inside world. So, it is only sensible that we address this in a similar manner.

How to implement this?

For this, you need to follow a 3 step process,

  1. Discover what you want? You need to set up specific health and fitness goals which you would like to achieve. So instead of saying I want to lose some weight, you need to say that I want to lose 12 lbs. of weight.
  2. Design a plan. Remember that I told you earlier that you need to come up with small and simple. Well, this is it. This is going to be your plan or protocol which works for you. It can be anything like smiling at a person you find annoying or deciding to take less sugar in your coffee.
  3. DARE. This is where you need to follow your designed plan and stick by it. If you managed to follow through on the action then you should reflect whether you relied only on will power or on the action piece as well. Whether you did it easily or were you struggling. These will help you in readjusting your protocol in a manner which is more suited.

Your thoughts, emotions, and actions are the keys to achieving your fitness goals. Hence, you should pay attention to them and try to understand how it all works. Designing a plant and sticking by it is empirical if you want to achieve your health and fitness goals. That would be it for today. Go Forth! Create Great!