Why Videos Will Increase Revenue On Your Ecommerce Site

Why Videos Will Increase Revenue On Your E-commerce Site

Why Videos Will Increase Revenue On Your Ecommerce Site camera

Shoppers are more willing to buy your product when they see videos and examples on your website during the purchase, in fact, 85 percent more likely to purchase them, people that did not see a video about your product when they see how your product works, the functions behind it, or the details that they need or maybe what they’re looking for, they’re gonna be more likely to buy your product than your competitor’s product.

Shoppers are more willing to buy

Website visitors who watched product videos are buying up to 85% more often than those who didn’t. This can be shown over a wide range of product categories and verticals.

Companies like Zappos, the world’s largest online shoe shop, increase their conversion rate by six to 30 percent by including the video of their shoes on their website. That way customers can see the three d model of the shoe inside and out, left to right, almost like being in the store, buying the shoe, but now they can feel like they know everything they need to know before making the product purchase.

Zappos, the world’s largest online shoe shop, achieved a 6-30% higher conversion rate with product pages including video. No wonder that Zappos films 2,000 product videos per week. So far they have produced over 250,000 product videos. “Videos on our product pages have not only increased purchases, but have also lowered product returns.“ Laurie Williams, Sr. Manager Photo & Video Zappos

Lack of video drives customers towards showrooming

Tip number two, lack of video drives customers towards showrooming. If you have no video on your website and they know that they can go see your product somewhere else, they may go to the store to try it on or look into it more detailed. You don’t want them going to the store.

You want them coming to your e-commerce website, give them the details, the looks, and the video that they’re looking for so they can feel like they’re interacting with your product before purchasing and they’re more likely to use your website for the purchase than someone else’s store. All in all product videos keep customers on your website.

Product videos keep customers on your website.

Tip number three, online shoppers that watch videos that are more than two minutes long on your site will be most likely become a customer. They’re engaged, they’re learning, they’re seeing all the details that they’ve been wanting to see, and they’re just finishing up the last details before they make their first purchase. This will keep them on your website longer, which not only helps SEO, but they may see other products which you can always recommend in a video.

Online shoppers who watch product videos remain on average 2 minutes longer in an online shop. Shops with product videos are moving from just being a point of transaction to becoming research locations for shoppers.

Product videos are the best option for explaining functions

Why Videos Will Increase Revenue On Your Ecommerce Site

Tip number four, product videos are the best option for explaining functions. You don’t have to just do a 3D video or show your product. You can now do a demo video explaining the details, the products, showing more, telling them how your product can help them in all the benefits that it’s going to provide.

Seventy-one percent of consumers believe that the video that shows the product features and makes them want to buy more likely. Videos activate our imagination. It’s not surprising then that 65% of consumers can better imagine using a product with product video.

Videos reduce returns

Tip number five, videos reduce returns instead of making the customer guess and hope that your product’s perfect before they receive it, show them that it has all the functions that they want and that is the perfect product for them. This will result in a lower return rate for your business. In fact, 25 percent lower returns. If you can describe your product in a video to the customer before they make the purchase. Now they know exactly what they’re going to receive in all the details and functions of how it’s going to help them or make their life different.

57% of consumers say that product videos reduce ambiguity. Shoppers that watched a video have a better idea of what they are buying. This results in less unpleasant surprises when they receive the product. Eventually this leads to a decrease in costly returns.